Smile Excellence Dental Clinic

AYK's first dental clinic project, the Smile Excellence in Pafos, reimagines the conventional dental space to set new standards in quality, comfort and flexibility. The clinic's innovative, fresh and contemporary space is completed by a cutting-edge technological equipment, in order to provide a distinctive environment to the visitor-patient.

Integrated with a next generation x-ray system, a redefined panoramic imaging integrated with sophisticated technology and a double space of a fully programmable dental chair, The Smile Excellence Dental Clinic is equipped with beyond-the-standard machinery and tooling, aiming to provide a brand new experience of the dental space, that somebody can finds in Pafos.

The design targets the vibrant and minimal space. Responding to the demanding project brief, it provides a balance between solid and glazed areas, that are completed with a artificial lighting of 4000K colour temperature, throughtout all areas. The space is completed with bespoke joineries, clad with white Thassos marble, anthracite surfaces and the well-famous "Designer White" super white Corian material, with specially designed high-end details.



Project Team:
Design Team:

Andreas Y. Kyriakou, Stella Makri, Maria Papaonisiforou


K.S.P. DentalCare






Hellados Avenue, Pafos, Cyprus




Under Construction

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