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Heroes Square Redesign

The proposal acknowledges the historical diversity of the existing square, trying to re-establish it in its spatial dimensions.

The introduction of curved synthetic axes indicate the flows of movements from the surrounding areas that either meet or condense in the square, the connection and association with the surrounding urban fabric, the RIALTO theatre, and the leisure areas. The conceptual lines sometimes thicken and sometimes thin to specify individual spatial entities, events, and activities within the space.

In addition, due respect is given to the historicity of the square and the monument. The synthetic axes define the square without being imposed, they highlight the monument as the most centripetal symbol in the space and try to avoid any competitive situation with it.

In the central areas defined east and west of the monument, two large platforms are created for event spaces, exhibitions, artistic and cultural events, concerts, national anniversary gatherings and other social gatherings.

The greenery has a leading role in the design. The existing centuries-old trees of the square are preserved and smoothly integrated into the conceptual manipulations. Additional reinforcement is made by creating green clusters with islands of low vegetation, with functional use. New types of trees are introduced to create sustainable conditions throughout the year.



Limassol Municipality

Project Team:

AYK Architects, XO Architects, ReShape Landscape Architects

Design Team:

Andreas Y. Kyriakou, Chryso Onisiforou, Chris Prousi


Public Square


Limassol, Cyprus




Competition Entry Proposal